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Dr. Günter E. W. Schmidt (1926-2016)

Dr. Günter Schmidt Günter Schmidt, born 1926, was a German arachnologist. As biologist he worked for many years in the pharmaceutical industry in the area of medicine, until his retirement. Beside medical papers and a book about Angina pectoris, he published further 637 scientific articles, under it about 170 ones about tarantulas, which he had studied since 1952. In 1986 he published his first book about this animal group, which he addressed primarily to tarantula owners. Dr. Schmidt was honorary member with the American Tarantula Society and the Arachnida Switzerland. Dr. Schmidt was one of the masters of Arachnology in Germany. He described more than 60 new tarantula species, and his book “Die Vogelspinnen” became a benchmark. Günter Schmidt still represented the spirit of researchers of the 19th century and belonged to the very few german scientists, who overviewed the whole area of arachnology.

On 23rd December 2016 Günter Schmidt died at the age of more than 90 years. Arachnology has lost one of its best.
The mourning ceremony took place on 30th December in Deutsch Evern. Dr. Rolf-Harald Krause held the funeral speech.

With his obituary for Günter Schmidt, John Osmani has raised a memorial worthy of him (ARACHNE 1/2017).

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